Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Superficial Continued: Two MORE cents on Brad, Jennifer and Angelina

As a follow-up to D’s post below, let me state that I think it’s insensitive for a man to flaunt his new relationship just a few months after he breaks up with his wife. That SIXTY page spread in ‘W’ Magazine was totally crass. It’s all about respect. People don’t always have to agree, they just have to respect one another.

Brad Pitt is entitled to leave Jennifer if he chooses and maybe Jennifer was wrong in prioritizing her career over children, but was that really enough reason for Brad to completely abandon her? Didn’t she see him through the times he himself was still trying to establish himself as a serious actor and after Gwyneth Paltrow had unceremoniously dumped him?

But more to the point, Angelina Jolie is a world-class beauty and indeed one of the sexiest women in the planet. But I personally believe that the fact she’s into children and foreign adoption much like Mia Farrow was in the 70s has very little to do with Brad Pitt being so smitten with her. I think it’s part of the package. As Angelina herself has said in several interviews, “The next man I fall in love with must understand what I’m into and must share the same beliefs I have.” She has also stated that she is not necessarily a “one-woman” man and that she enjoys multiple partners including women – not exactly the confession of someone soon to be domesticated and faithful.

Brad has long professed to be a family-centric man who is keenly interested in a simple, family oriented life. Yet here he is sacrificing that very thing to follow Angelina around the world. So, in my opinion, it could be poisonous snakes or deadly piranhas, whatever! If adopting her foreign kids (mind you, these are not her biological offspring) is what it takes, then so be it! With a face and body like that I’m sure any hot-blooded man would be out there risking life and limb to get on her good side. Sure, Brad Pitt is not chopped liver himself but c’mon, everybody knows who’s calling the shots in this relationship. He tags along wherever she goes and does what she does. Do you need a better picture?

I am not faulting Brad for wanting to start a family although, honestly 40 is not old by any standards (Michael Douglas at 106 or something like that just had a baby, remember?) What is disappointing to me is his lack of sensitivity in showing off his new relationship. Maybe it goes with his job, the fact that his life is so open to everyone’s scrutiny, but bottom line is, we are all humans living in a society of fellow humans. What distinguishes us from the animal kingdom is we respect one another’s feelings, especially those of people who once meant something to us.

As I said before, he in entitled, to leave, but he didn’t need to do it so insensitively.



Les Becker said...

I doubt it would have mattered "how" anything was done in this situation. These people and every move they make is recorded for our benefit - the hazards that come with the package to the Uber-Famous.

Les Becker said...

I think I should have said "recorded for our entertainment", there, not benefit. I'm not sure our dabbling in the private lives of the rich and famous is beneficial to us, the lowly and mediocre. I'd have a hard time with the thought of photographers hiding in the bushes outside my bedroom window, but I'm still drooling over the magazines covers depicting the private lives of celebrities.

J said...

Hi, Les! Yup, you're right. I have to agree with you. No matter how I may 'pontificate' (as D puts it) on how irresponsible or amoral these people conduct their affairs, the truth remains. . .I gobble up the first issue of any publication that carries any juicy news about them and lap up the exact same stuff I grumble about. You got me. . .he-he!


Dew said...

Sort of interesting, imho, that the one thing Jennifer Aniston said about him that was at all negative in her Vanity Fair piece was that he was "lacking a sensitivity chip" -- I guess it's not surprising that after a 7-year relationship with him, she hit that particular nail right on the head, eh?
Tacky is as tacky does; I wonder what the Vegas oddsmakers are laying on the Brad/Angelina household situation.... I just feel bad for the existing and gestating Jolie-Pitts.