Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Expect Flowers Too

Dear D,

I am a female and would like to get a male’s opinion on this: should a girl offer to pay for dinner on a first date?


Dear Deloris,

I like to go to a girl’s apartment on a first date. I find it very comfortable and it gives me a chance to see if she is tidy, which is a big turn on for me. So to answer your question, of course she should pay for the dinner, after all she is the one who had to do the shopping and the cooking. It is rather presumptuous to assume that I am going pay for her groceries on a first date.

She should also pay for my gas. After all, I am driving to her, and have you seen the price of gas lately.

I also think she should reimburse me for any ancillary costs I incur for the date: like condoms. Why in the world should I have to pay for condoms when she is the one who will be receiving the majority of the pleasure?

Finally, I expect some sort of parting gift for the date, perhaps a shirt or tie. That is not too much to ask for, is it?

So to answer your question again, yes, the girl should not only offer to pay for the date, she should.


P.S. Just kidding, I only expect her to pay for the condoms.


Sparky said...

Really, D, you're not helping the cause of guys like me with the things you say. I can hardly get a woman to go out with me. If it were me, I'd pay for her friggin' rent just go on a date with me PLEASE!!!

Mr Dinkle Says: said...