Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rub It... You Know How to Rub It Don't You?

My fellow Canuck mishmash wants to know what the hell (his own words) he’s supposed to do when it’s 13 degrees below freezing in Ontario. Well, mishmash, ever heard of the phrase “Mind over matter”? Here’s what you do: Set up 10 or 20 gas torches outside your house and hold a luau! Invite everyone. So what if there’s frozen ice everywhere! Just put on your warmest eskimo jacket over your wool union suit and you’re fine! It’s mind over matter, remember? And to make it more authentic, start the fire yourself. Click here to find out how. You can do it! C’mon! Be a man, aye?



Anonymous said...

very cute post

Les Becker said...

The last time we had a winter luau in OUR section of Ontario, it got out of hand and the cops showed up. It sucked 'cause our feet were frozen ankle-deep in the slush, and we couldn't run.