Friday, December 09, 2005

Life's a bitch!

Do you notice how pet dogs tend to mirror their owners' looks, personality and behavior? It’s uncanny really but it’s true! I used to think it was silly when my brother swore that our neighbor’s large Afghan hound was starting to look like our neighbor Mr. Mathers until one morning when I actually came across them taking their usual morning jog. I swear, they had the same tired facial expression!

Weird really, but now I realize this is not only true of dogs and their owners in Canada but in any part of the world! Take for instance my cousin’s toy poodle Toffee. I am currently on vacation in Asia and I’m staying at my cousin’s place. Being a dog lover I have assumed care of her pet dog while she goes to work and does her everyday things. However, she might as well be home because her dog behaves exactly like she does! See, my cousin is the youngest and the only daughter in a male-dominated family. Needless to say her family treats her like a princess. Well, her dog is exactly the same. He cannot eat without being spoonfed (he doesn’t like getting food on his snout), he tiptoes when he is made to walk on the grass (he hates getting mud on his paws) and he will never sleep on the floor unless he has a throw pillow to sleep on.

I swear I’m not making this up. It’s definitely true! Which makes me think, and maybe this will be a useful thought to any of you out there are planning to get a pet dog, maybe you should ask yourself the question, “If I were a dog, what dog would I want to be? A cute little bassett hound, perhaps, or maybe a nice friendly golden retriever?” I’m sure if Mr. Mathers knew this beforehand, he wouldn’t have gotten himself that weird looking Afghan hound, but then again, nobody asked that Afghan hound if he wanted to eventually look like Mr. Mathers. Doggone!


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Anonymous said...

lol, my mother looks like our poodle.