Monday, December 12, 2005

No Blog Is an Island

I don’t know about you but life as a blogger, as we are painfully finding out, is lonely and frustrating. You do your best to give your readers something interesting to read, hoping you’d get a comment or two that may start an interesting thread of conversation. You hope to touch base with people with similar interests who want to share their ideas with you or maybe become friends with. But . . . sadly this doesn’t happen. Sure, you get comments, but one or two comments a week is just too little! D tells me not to worry about it. He says the important thng is, when we check our site meter, we see that people did drop by to visit our blog. But I really would have wanted to talk, you know? Share an opinion or a cup of coffee, toss an idea or a football, help with something, ANYTHING!

But one doesn't always get what one wants. So, whoever you are reading this, let me give you a big hug, a resounding kiss and a warm welcome to our blog! It would really be so much fun to get to know you and maybe visit your blog, too. But if that's not ok, well then, I understand. Just feel free to come back tomorrow and the day after.


Mr Dinkle Says: said...

The hardest part, is getting your site out to the masses. But I think you two are doing a pretty good job at it. D's right, as long as the number of visits continue, the comments will come. Once the comments come, then it will only be a matter of time before you light a spark and set a conversation ablaze. Until then, nice to meet you and happy blogging.

LouLou said...

Dropped in, had a read, thought I'd say hi.

Dew said...

Reading after leaping over from a link on sfgate. Thanks for writing -- as a fellow scrivener in the blogosphere, I feel your pain!!!